Weight Loss in Bangkok

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Weight Loss in Bangkok

Bangkok has a huge and very well established food culture; there is street food, high street fast food and numerous western and Thai restaurants that litter the city and make food very convenient indeed.  Bangkok is unlike any other city I have experienced in the world with its passion for food and in fact it was here that I first noticed other diners taking photos of food before even tasting it!

It is, therefore, an easy city in which to gain weight without even realising it, especially when the temptation to eat is well supported and the options to exercise are limited due to the climate. Thai people are also facing issues concerning obesity with the introduction of western fast food and indications that waistlines have increased significantly over the past 10 years. Surprisingly obesity is the leading cause of death for Thai women.

Researching weight loss options in Bangkok I soon became aware that slimming pills and surgery appear to be the most advertised options, with various personal trainers and international gyms a close second.  But for people looking for an alternative way to lose weight the choices are very limited.

Dieting can feel like you are denying yourself of something that you both want and enjoy. As a result many diets only work short-term and the weight lost is often re-gained quickly with a bit more added on. Losing weight and controlling your ideal weight is not about denial alone. It is about eating healthily, sensibly and exercising regularly but the motivation to do this alone can often be disheartening.

If you are unhappy with your current weight and don’t enjoy dieting, then Hypnotherapy will be the perfect solution for you because the main focus concerns you and your relationship with food. It’s not about deprivation; it’s about reassessing eating habits and positively conditioning the subconscious so that you want to eat healthily, take care of your body and look after yourself.

Hypnotherapy identifies and accepts the programmes that your subconscious has in relation to food and when that relationship began. It will help to assist you with understanding your situation, working towards accepting it and being in control to change it. It also works alongside a sensible amount of permanent weight loss of 2 – 3lbs per week and regular exercise activities such as walking and swimming.

If you have struggled to lose weight in the past and continue to feel unhappy with your current weight, a positive lifestyle change will achieve permanent weight loss and maintain the weight you are happiest with. To find out how you can successfully lose, control and manage your weight for the rest of your life book a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and consider a positive life changing experience with Hypnotherapy.

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