My name is Samantha Pryor and I am a Psychotherapist based in Bangkok, Thailand.

My aim is to provide a safe, non-judgemental environment within which to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions whilst providing you with constant empathy, honesty and unconditional positive regard.

Having relocated in November 2010 I have chosen to support people facing the challenges associated with everyday life in Bangkok.  As a supporting ex-pat partner myself, I recognise the issues encountered when relocating, how the experience of another culture and language can be daunting whilst also coping with the loss of a valued support system.

I can assist with past and present issues, including relationships, coping with change, stress, depression, self-esteem, grief and loss, self-defeating behaviours and physical and emotional abuse.

However, this is in no way a definitive and complete list of the support that I offer and if you are experiencing difficulty with something I haven’t mentioned please contact me to see if I can be of help. I also offer family and couples counselling sessions.

I appreciate that often the hardest part when seeking help is picking up the phone and speaking to someone you don’t know. I offer an INITIAL CONSULTATION to discuss your issues further and you can book this now via the website with no obligation to book further appointments.

Initial Consultation
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