Anger Management

Anger is a very powerful and complicated emotion that can make us feel irrational, cause illness from internalisation, or from continually living with it, and result in pain to others from the violence that can sometimes ensue.

It can manifest in calm symptoms that can gnaw away at you when the anger is suppressed or it can be misdirected when it is aimed at the wrong person leaving emotional and physical scars.

But, when it is controlled and suitably managed it can enhance our chances of survival and bring about positive change and improve both our physical and emotional environment.

There are many reasons for us to feel anger, especially when we are faced with different situations such as when we are afraid, threatened, frightened, feel out of control, helpless or inadequate in some way.

We can often feel anger when we come up against an unresolved frustration, if things do not seem to be going our way, if we feel we are not getting what we want or if we are not being listened to which can manifest in our anger wanting us to get immediate results.

Anger is not always our own issue and may be a consequence of someone, or something, we love being hurt or injured. The complexity of anger encompasses our entire being and is further complicated by the fact that in some cases it can be beneficial and in others it can cause misery and harm.

If you feel that you have unresolved anger, or experience difficulties when trying to cope with your frustrations, book an INITIAL CONSULTATION to find new ways of controlling and managing them.

Initial Consultation
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