Depression is a complex condition varying in symptoms and degrees with many theories regarding its cause whilst it is most often a symptom of loss, grief and change.

Often a result of an overwhelming accumulation of stress it is can also be related to workplace environments where feelings surrounding a limited amount of control are combined with an increasing workload and substantial pressure to perform.

1 in 10 of us will be functioning with excess stress and whilst some people appear to thrive on high amounts of stress others will experience a low stress tolerance whereby their anti-stress mechanisms appear to fail at a perceived lower point to other peoples.

As a result, depression is often connected to a fear of failure and not being able to cope as we compare ourselves to others and how they seem to deal with similar situations. But our reactions and coping strategies are all very different as not everyone experiences the same degree of stress and we are all individuals in our approach.

Depression can be triggered by a significant life event including a relationship breakdown, divorce, miscarriage, menopause, redundancy, long-term illness…..the list is endless as we all respond differently to the changes experienced throughout our lives.

It can affect all aspects of our lives, from physical symptoms such as sleep deprivation, fatigue, lack of concentration, continual restlessness and irritability to emotional symptoms that affect our self-esteem, self-worth and confidence.

I offer an INITIAL CONSULTATION to talk about how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, which can benefit in identifying the root cause of the problem and finding a way forward.

Initial Consultation
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