One of the most stressful experiences we can go through is the loss of someone close to us. Grief is a process with a complexity of emotions which most of us have little knowledge or understanding of, which makes experiencing it even harder to understand.

There is no right, or wrong way to grieve as it is a very personal experience. Often we are expected to complete grieving once the funeral is over and “return to normal”. But, what is normal, when our immediate response to loss is a need to organise and plan?

Whilst trying to “return to normal” the coping mechanism that temporarily allowed our pain and suffering to be put aside is, suddenly, replaced with the realisation that our perceived momentum is now gone, along with the person that maintained our focus. This can be when the full depth of our loss become apparent.

Anger, guilt, frustration, anxiety, fear, shock, regret, sadness are all examples of the many symptoms associated with grief, but because the experience is personal to you so are the emotions that you are feeling and are an important part of the grief process and understanding why you feel that way.

Grief can also affect our physical well-being with symptoms such as a shortness of breath, weakness in the body, emptiness in the stomach, heightened sensitivity to noise and a sense that nothing is real anymore. There is often disbelief, confusion, sleep and appetite disturbances, social withdrawal and restlessness.

These are all natural feelings. And part of being able to move forward through the grieving process and to start coping with life again is acknowledging these feelings and talking them through, which can often be difficult to do with people close to you.

Talking with someone completely uninvolved in your current situation can really help to make sense of how you are feeling and understand what’s happening. Book an INITIAL CONSULTATION to learn about the support I can offer you during this difficult time.

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