“It is important for all relationships to be balanced, respectful and rewarding”

Relationships continually evolve and require hard work and effort to maintain; whatever stage they’re at. This can often be exciting, liberating, exhausting, frustrating and confining all at the same time. And that’s without any other external pressure or influence making demands on it or of the people involved in it.

The formation of relationships ensures procreation, our self-esteem, our work performance and sustains our mental health. For a relationship to work successfully we have to be able to be ourselves within it and, whilst we may be able to adjust or fine-tune our behaviour in order to live in harmony, ultimately we cannot sustain being a completely different person.

Relationships are often subjected to external pressures which can have a detrimental influence on how we think, feel and behave towards the other person. Relocating to Bangkok is a perfect example where such pressure can present many different challenges that change our relationship with others.

Whilst you may, or may not, have chosen to move to Bangkok the upheaval and resettling involved can be an unexpected and unwanted strain on the venture. No-one can ever appreciate the demands of living in another country, until you actually do it for yourself. This is especially true of Bangkok where culture, language and social diversity can all be issues when trying to make the city feel like ‘home’.

Being removed from your existing support network can also make these challenges feel overwhelming and magnify a sense of isolation that you were not prepared for. It could be that your partner, parents, friends, family or children have their own issues to deal with whilst you are looking to them for support. This can leave you questioning your relationship and asking “What About Me?” whilst feeling separated from those closest to you when you need them most.

Book an INITIAL CONSULTATION to see how talking with someone completely uninvolved in your current situation can really help to make sense of how you are feeling and understand what’s happening. I listen and offer support in a non-judgemental and objective way.

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